How Sweetie Boy Started

Tyler McCormick grew up in a small town in Arcade, New York after high school to secure a future in what he considered a better economy. Ten years later, he’s the owner of Sweetie Boy Delivers LLC, a thriving auto transport business in Ashland, Virginia.

Since he was a youngster, Tyler wanted to be a truck driver like his dad, Tim, “The worst part about going to school was how eager I was to leave so that I could get back to doing the work I love.” He had saved up almost every dime he ever made to help him reach his goal. “I worked on a dairy farm, I had a paper route, and I saved up enough money to help me get started.”

Tyler said he started slowly with used trucks and lots of cold sales calls, and before long, his name and reputation had spread; his Business was growing. His entrepreneurial passion and perseverance have paid off. Now he has a thriving business featuring a fleet of 40 semi-trucks, four rollback trucks, two mobile repair trucks, and 80 dedicated employees. I have amazing employees and awesome trucks, but I also have an amazing wife and a new baby girl.”

Most of all, he asserts that he could not have made it this far without the support and motivation of his father, Tim, and his late grandmother, Bea. “They were essential people in my life. I could not have made it this far without their support along the way.” Tim and Bea’s passing was difficult on Tyler, but he knows that they are always with him and proud of how successful he and Sweetie Boy have become. 

How does his Business keep growing stronger? “It’s about follow-up and good customer service,” he says. “I have a pretty reputable name, and I always deliver on my word.” 

Speaking of having a reputable name, when asked why Tyler settled on Sweetie Boy, he says, “that was my Dad’s nickname for me,” he said. When asked if he gets any ribbing because of it, he says it’s not usually him that receives the bulk of it, “everyone gives me crap about it, but it’s my drivers that get it the most, but they know the meaning behind it and are proud to be part of the Sweetie Boy team.

“If anything,” he added, “the name helps Business! People usually remember it.”

Tyler McCormick

Owner and CEO of Sweetie Boy Brand.

Katie McCormick

Co - Owner

Chris Jennings

OEM Logistics Manager

Michael Skeens

Operations Manager

Ciara Furrow

Ashland Hub Manager

Hector Ornella

AutoPilot Lead Trainer

Alex Melnik

Rochester Hub Manager

Shawn Twarogowski

Cleveland Hub Manager

Hayden Nachtigal

AutoPilot Planner

John Will

AutoPilot Assistant Trainer

Lisa Lenharr

AutoPilot Lead Planner

Andrina Rodriguez

Sr. Fleet Manager

Amy Arndt

OTR Logistics Coordinator

Charlie Dodge

Brokerage Supervisor

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Traveling Training Manager

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Data Analyst

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Logistics Analyst

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Marketing and Events Coordinator

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Director of People and Operations

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Training Coordinator

Mitchell Holoman

Technical/ Recruiting Specialist